Maintenance Program

The Ben Franklin Society Membership™ Program

How would you like extend the like of your water heater and protect your home from costly plumbing emergencies? By signing up Plumbing Maintenance Program from the Benjamin Franklin Society Membership™, you can do both of these things and much more. The Benjamin Franklin Society Membership™ is a membership to our plumbing servicing club that provides your home with plumbing security for just pennies a day. Your Ben Franklin Society™ membership includes: a professional safety inspection and annually leak checks and water heater tune-ups. You will not only be saving money, but you will also receive premier client rewards and a breakdown-free guarantee! Give us call today for more details!

Take a look at the following member benefits you get for a low monthly fee:

With a membership, you will receive an annual inspection of your home. We will check for small problems and prevent them from becoming bigger problems.

We will extend the like of your water heater and decrease the likelihood of break downs by flushing your water here once a year and conducting a 14-point inspection.

A membership will guarantee you priority service when you need plumbing servicing.

The Benjamin Franklin Society Membership™ gives a 15% service discount, in the event that you need to repair or replace a fixture listed in our price guide.

With your membership, you’ll receive priority scheduling and we promise to not keep you waiting. As the Punctual Plumber, if there’s any delay, it’s you we pay!™ Should you move within our market area, we will transfer your club membership to your new home of leave it with the new owner if your previous home.

Don’t forget — if there’s any delay, it’s you we pay!
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