My Sink Is Clogged

Is your garbage disposal in need of repair? Currently, forty-seven percent of Americans have garbage disposals in their homes. A garbage disposal, also known as a food waste and waste disposal unit, is typically electrically-powered and installed under the kitchen sink between the sink’s drain and trap. Its main purpose is to shred food waste into pieces small enough to easily pass through your plumbing system. Because your garbage disposal is a mechanical piece of equipment that is ultimately tied to you sanitary sewer or septic system, plumbing problems are likely to occur.

The disposal of leftover food is becoming an increasingly big issue and since food scrapes comprised between ten and twenty percent of the average household waste, it is a problem that cannot be ignored. If everyone in the United States was to treat food waste as a liquid by utilizing a garbage disposal, modern wastewater plants could more effectively process the solid organic matter giving us a much need environmental boost. This would also decrease the amount of methane gas being generated in our landfills by minimizing the amount of decomposing waste. Methane gas is a major contributor to global warming and is proven to be twenty-one times more toxic than carbon dioxide.

Steps to Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

Cleaning Your Garbage Disposal

If you start to notice a foul odor coming from your garbage disposal, you are experiencing a build of food debris within the disposal. In order to eliminate the odor, try these steps:
  • Grind ice cubes and orange or lemon peels in the disposer for 30 seconds
  • Pour a small amount of liquid dish detergent into the disposer while it is running
  • Run cold water for about 30 seconds while the disposer is running to rinse away any remaining debris

Garbage Disposal Stops Working

If your garbage disposal ceases to work, you may need to check the reset button. Garbage disposals have an overload protector so in the event that your garbage disposal’s motor is overheating it will shut off. If a cut-off occurs during operation, the best thing to do is:

  • Turn the disposer switch off
  • Remove hands and objects from the drain
  • Check that the appliance is securely plugged into the outlet
  • With the power switch in the off position, press the reset button found on either the front or the bottom of the garbage disposal.
  • Turn the power switch on to restart the disposer

If neither of the two options mentioned above fix your disposer problems, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, where our plumbers are expert in the repair, installation, and maintenance of garbage disposals.

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