Sewer Pipe Camera Inspections

Sewer Pipe Camera Inspections

Sewer pipe camera inspections in the Billings, MT area.

Think you may have a clogged sewer pipe? Are there possible roots breaking through your sewer system? Or perhaps there is a crack or break in your pipe somewhere along the line. The truth is, without a camera inspection, there’s really no way to tell for sure. Camera inspections are the only way to diagnose the problem, but the good news is that they’re quick and effective, especially when you work with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

It goes without saying that you should never attempt to resolve your own sewer pipe blockage! Of course, you don’t need to, since Benjamin Franklin’s technicians take care of every detail — from inspection to resolution — with precision and efficiency.

What is a sewer pipe camera inspection?

A sewer inspection camera is actually a waterproof camera that has been specially made to be passed through sewer lines that are underground or covered by your home’s foundation. To conduct your inspection, your Benjamin Franklin technician will attach the camera to the end of a long, flexible rod, then feed it through your sewer pipe to discover the blockage. When the camera locates the problem or source, the radio transmitters attached to the camera will report back to the technician with its depth and physical location, allowing the technician to easily and accurately address the problem.

Don’t forget, the camera can also be used to look for lost valuables, jewelry, or other objects that get flushed down the toilet on accident!

Get a sewer pipe camera inspection before you purchase your new home — trust us, you won’t regret it.

Are you putting in an offer on a new home? With so many important inspections to conduct, it can be easy to overlook a simple sewer pipe inspection. However, we can’t advise you enough not to do that! Sewer problems can be costly to resolve, so you’ll want to make sure you’re aware of any potential issues before you close on the sale. Take out the guesswork when you work with our Benjamin Franklin technicians.

Don’t forget — if there’s any delay, it’s you we pay!
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