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In today’s society with such assortment of shower and tub layout designs, locations, and purposes, there is really no telling what someone’s bathroom is going to look like. While a majority of people still have the conventional tub and shower combinations, others may have more lavish separate designs with a variety of water jets, shower heads, and faucet designs. As elaborate and different the designs for tubs and showers have become, they are still tied to the sanitary sewer system and they still incorporate hot and cold water lines and a drainage system. Of all the household clogging issues, shower drain repair continues to be the most common. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® our experts specialized in the repair and installation of all types of showers and tubs.

Some of the most popular designs we service include:

Shower Tub Combination – In today’s homes, the shower tub combination is the most common residential configuration. It is the most space efficient design characterized by a standard elongated tub for bathing and wall mounted nozzles for stand-up showers.

Stand Alone Shower – Stand alone showers are for homes not lacking in space; separate tub and shower designs allow for the max flexibility in your bathing needs. Stand alone shower may have framed or frameless designs that may or may not use a swinging door. They also can be equipped with multiple nozzles thus delivering a variety of angles of water flow.

Bathtubs – In western nations, bathtubs are known for their distinctive shallow, elongated shape used for prone bathing. These types of bathtubs can either be free standing, like those of the 19th century that feature a pedestal and clawed-footed design, or molded into the walls of the bathroom for more traditional support.

Hot Tubs – Hot tubs can be used for soaking, relaxation, or hydrotherapy; they often located outside and shelter from the elements as well as for privacy. They can be home-made or manufactured and are generally large tubs full of heated water that possess water jets producing pulsating water movement for massage purposes.

Whirlpool Tubs – Popularized in the 1960s, whirlpool tubs introduce air bubbles into the water nozzles via an air-bleed pump. It is generically referred to as a “jacuzzi” based on the first manufacturer, Jacuzzi; it was originally called the “Spa Whirlpool” in 1966.

Walk-in Tubs – Created specifically for those with limited ability, walk-in tubs have an inward or outward opening self-sealing door. Many are made with internal safety bars, anti-slip floors and seats, handheld showerheads that can be wall mounted to enable showering capabilities. Some are even equipped with hydrotherapy and/or whirlpool capabilities. All these features make them extremely popular among the elderly and disabled.

Nozzles – As shower and tub designs continue to change, the water delivery systems are also evolving. Some of today’s nozzles and showerheads are distributing water over a large solid angle with the use of modern sensor-operated column showers. This allows for less water to be used to wet same area making it more eco-friendly. While some shower heads can be adjusted to spray different water patterns, low flow shower heads are operating more efficiently by utilizing an aerated water stream.

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